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April, 2012

  1. Stuffed Toys: Plane, Ship, Truck

    April 1, 2012 by mom

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    I made these toys for my grandkids from Simplicity Pattern #2279. I made a few changes. It called for wheels on the truck on one side, but I put wheels on both sides. I also made the ship two-sided.

    I traced each of the pattern pieces on tracing paper before cutting them out of the fabric. I cut extra of each piece because I was making more than one of each of the toys. (I was making a set for each of my kids that have children, as well as a few extra.) I feel if I am going to all the trouble of making them, what’s a few more?

    The fabric I used for the tires of the truck and the top of the ship and plane was tie fabric I was given. Some of the fabric I used was from squares/swatches of upholstery fabric. My goal was to give each toy different textures & colors. Some of the fabric I used for the windows, wheels, etc. frayed so I trimmed it as close as I could then I used Order Cheap fray check on it. You have to let the fray check dry before sewing on it. It stopped the fraying. It did leave the edges a bit darker on the tie fabric when it dried but that was fine because I was going to sew over it.

    I used Wonder Under to applique the windows, wheels, and the  plane and ship tops. It works great but I do not trust it to last forever so I did a close zig-zag stitch around each of the windows, wheels, etc. I also feel that the black border helps the windows and everything stand out better.

    After everything was topped stitched, I sewed the two halves together on the wrong side, leaving a 3-inch hole to turn it right side out. I put the hole of the truck on the top of the long bed. For the ship, the hole was on the side, and for the plane, the hole on the back short wing.  I made sure that I trimmed the corners on the inside before turning it.


    I stuffed it with batting till it was a bit stiff. I know with time sometimes batting flattens. I hand sewed the hole together. It looked better that way. My grandkids seemed to like the toys and so have the kids that visit at my house. I was amazed how well it went together. I loved how the fabrics that I had laying around worked so great together. It is amazing what you can make with things you have around your home.