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October, 2010

  1. 3 Musketeers Costumes

    October 27, 2010 by mom

    This month I made 3 Musketeer Costumes in three sizes (two blue, one pink) for my grandkids. Thank heaven McCall’s came out with a Musketeer costume for child and adult. M5214


    M5214 Completed

    Before we start sewing in this house we trace the patterns onto tracing Tissue paper which we have gotten on line. It is see through paper which is used for sketching and tracing. We get it in 50 yards X 36 inches. That way we can trace many things at one time. (Patterns for clothing come in many sizes on one pattern piece.) This way we can use the pattern over and over again. The paper is thick enough that we can use a fine tip permanent pen which doesn’t bleed. Which is wonderful. The last place we got it from was Blick Art Materials The paper is Number 106 and is called Purchase White paper for sketching & tracing. It is a bit thinner than the last kind we used but it works fine.

    M5214 Traced Purchase

    I love Wonder-Under. You can find Wonder-Under at many fabric stores, or buy it in bulk online.  It is a double sided fusible web that has paper on one side that you can draw your design on, and  fusible webbing on the other side. After you iron it on the fabric with a dry iron, you can cut out the design. Then you take the paper off it and iron it to what you want the fabric design to go on. It makes appliqué very simple.

    The design called for a Cross which I turned into a plus sign by shorting the long side. I used carbon paper (which is as old as me or older. I got from my mom and saved it.) to transfer the design to the wonder under. It worked great. I got some nice small scissors (on sale of course) which cut out the design well. I did zigzag over the design to keep it on for sure. (I do like things to last for years. It is the way I was taught by my mom.)

    Cross Pattern Modified

    My daughter got the fabric and sent it to me. My good friend Dori had lace that I was able to use for the trim all around the costume. Many yards of it thank heavens. I had the lace which I put around the collar then I put the collar into the costume instead of making a shirt to go with each costume. It did save on white fabric. I used a snap in the back instead of a hook and eye because the neck  opening seemed large to me. The snap made a smaller neck. I also thought the Kids could get in and out of it easier with the snap. The fabric is broadcloth so it’s thin. I used iron on interfacing to make the fabric stiffer and hold its shape better.


    Yes, I had to make a few changes to the directions. OK maybe I just used the directions more as a guide. I don’t normally do that. Then again most patterns I use I make a change here and there to fit the need. (I did learn that from my mom too.)

    When I was making these costumes I noticed how much I remembered the things that my mom did when she sewed. I didn’t sew much when I was younger but I did help my mom when she sewed. I usually did the pinning and hand work on things. I felt like Sacajawea, the American Indian woman that helped Lewis and Clark on their expedition. The things that she did to help them was learned by the age of 12 years old before she was kidnapped by another Indian tribe. It is amazing the things you remember when you need to.

    When you have the right tool it is amazing how simple a project can be. The brand of scissors I have are Mundial they work wonderfully. I got them all on sale. They are a very pretty penny if you don’t get them on sale. I think my favorite cutting ruler is the clear 24″ X 5″ Optima, O’lipfa, model no. 95246. It is perfect for tracing the patterns and altering etc.

    It is nice when a project comes together. expidoms . The lace that borders the whole thing I sewed along the edge first then I sewed around each point of the lace using the zigzag stitch.(zigzag stitch holds lace in place better than a straight stitch especially since this flat lace was a bit stretchy at the points. Zigzag stitch is used mostly with stretchy fabric and things.)  I pulled the lace to a point before I sewed it so it was more of a point. It did take awhile mainly cause my sewing machine kept acting up. But that is life. It is not always a smooth road but keep going and you will get to where you are going. ip address Just don’t give in or up.


    One project down ………. many to go.

    By the inch life is a cinch by the yard it’s hard. So I keep moving inch by inch.